In accordance with Federal law, the Dolby Theatre operates several Theater policies, which must be observed by all patrons throughout the duration of your visit. Please note that these regulations are in place for your own safety and comfort as well as that of others around you.

Prohibited Items
Items not permitted within the venue include:
– Weapons (the definition of what constitutes a weapon is at the discretion of the manager)
– Outdoor Food and Drink
– Laser pointers, or any other item considered potentially disruptive to a performance

Late Admittance
Latecomers will be admitted to shows at the discretion of the House Manager and admittance is not guaranteed. In order not to disrupt the performance, if admittance is granted, it will occur during breaks in the performance.

Electronic Devices
The use of cell phones and other handheld electronic devices is prohibited during the performance, even on silent mode, as the light emitted from the screens can be distracting for performers and other audience members. Photography of any kind is strictly forbidden.